Friday, January 23, 2015

Creation -:- ReLoaded

It has been a great number of years since this data space has been occupied. Going over everything that has happened in the last 4+ years would take an extremely lengthy amount of time. For this reason, the past will be let go and we will start anew.


Wednesday, July 28, 2010


Yeah I konw, it's been ages sense I posted.

Lately I've been pretty busy with nonmusic related stuff... some of it being graphic design, (fun) but most of it being... other stuff (i.e. work, life... blahblbah)

As for music, I'm currently trying to do something I don't normally do... and that is DJ'ing. Yes, totally live, with the DJ software and all. I'm currently gathering songs for a trance mix. I can't say much now, but I can say that it's a mixture of progressive and uplifting trance. (uplifting meaning a bit more cheerful than usual) I'm almost ready to mix it.

I'll be returning home soon (oh yeah I had to go to Virginia for some non-art related stuff) and when I get back, I'll have access to my full soundset again and I've got something big planned... so let's hope it works out this time.

Well that was a fun write, back to work... NONfun work... well it's a LITTLE fun but not as much as 3D graphics or music.

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

ViRiX: The Virtually Integraded Radial Interface--X

Greetings to all.

My name is ViRiX... well that's one of them. My actual name is David and my net alias is Dreamcube, but my artist name is ViRiX.

I'll be posting all my main updates here as well as my facebook page.

II've also just created a artist page as well. However, not all of my work will be going there. Only fully finished work will go there. My soundcloud and/or AcidPlanet will have my other work that may or may not be finished.
Also, I don't think I can post the remixes I create on because they aren't original works so those will be showing up on SoundCloud, thesixtyone, and OCRemix IF they ever approve them.

Well that's about it for now folks...

Oh, in all the excitement I forgot to post the links to those pages.

There's not much there right now I'm afriad, but feel free to leave a shout or something.


facebook page:!/pages/ViRiX/123725390979776?ref=ts

Bacause facebook's URLs are so odd, I don't know if you'll be able to get here or not, but I'll test it later.